Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just a Random Update

      This puzzle is called Lateral Thinking . . . 
   Just Check This Out ! ! !! 
Scroll down slowly and be honest to yourself.

Think like a wizard


1. ------------ 
Ans. = man overboard

Okay, let's see if you've got the hang of it.


2. ------------ 

Ans. = I understand

Got the drift ?
Let's try a few now and see

how you fare ?

3. /r/e/a/d/i/n/ g/

Ans. = reading between the lines

4.       r  

Ans. = cross road

Not having a good day now, are you ?
  Redeem yourself.

  5.      cycle  


Ans. =  tricycle

Not easy to figure out ha!

6. ------------  

Ans. = two degrees below zero

  C'mon give it a little thought ! !


7. ------------ 

Ans.. = neon light
( knee - on - light )

U can prove u r smart by getting this one.


8.      -------------------------------- 
        feet feet feet feet feet feet

      Ans. = six feet underground

Oh no, not again ! !

9.  he's X  himself

Ans. = he's by himself

  Now u messing up big time.

  10. ecnalg

Ans. = backward glance

Not even close ! !

11. death ..... life

Ans. = life after death

Okay last chance ........... 


Ans. = think big ! !

And the last one is real fundoo - - -

13. ababaaabbbbaaaabbbb ababaabbaaabbbb. .

Ans. =  long time no 'C'

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cant Wait For This

Introducing the coming winner for 2009 cinema movie's
"Transformer 2 : Revenge Of The Fallen"

Megan Fox is so so so so HOT!

Saturday, May 2, 2009



Boredom always visit me when there's a public holidays around and every weekends I had. Nobody want to go out for an outing even I've plan everything for them.
Don't know whether they are lazy or they are some sort of OTAKU in the town until they rather sleeping at home in the afternoon than going out for a fresh air and take a look around.

And now I really got nothing much to talk about this boredom and meaningless life Im having... sigh!
And why after getting a 'gf' or 'bf' then you'll left your friends to be alone and don't even bother to find them out for some activities? Why is it coupled up will made changes in the particular person?
Don't you feel it's not the right ways to dump your friends just for a boy or a girl?