Friday, January 30, 2009

Temple On Chinese New Year


Went to a temple my mum used to bring me when I'm still a kid on Chinese New Year eve after countdown at Jonker Street.

Lots of people went there to pray for their families on the brand new year for prosper & wealth but for me... I just wish everyone had a happy and smooth year ahead. Although there's full with peoples but is not as much as the year before... maybe cause of the rain on Chinese New Year eve.

Hmm.... every year, everyone are doing the same old things on Chinese New Year and for this year... I want to get a GF and bring her visiting on the next Chinese New Year... Hahahaha!!! *my little dream* Hope will come true la

Sunday, January 25, 2009



My 1st masterpiece of wallpaper design for my dearest friend, evont!

I personally love this photo alot and it's actually snap by a friend of mine in The One Academy, Fanny! She's a cute girl and her blog are full with photos took by her wherever she go... I love her photographing work... I bet whoever viewed her blog before surely felt in love with her blog ** you can check out her blog with this link!

The photo was from Fanny and the others design was simply done by me! Hehe! This is the 1st time I post something bout my friends in KL... evont & Fanny.... 'feel lucky or not? haha!' *shock sendiri again... muahahahaha!*

Hope the coming new year for chinese will be a year full with fortune and wealth! Take care everyone!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Days Before


Left two more days to go and its going to be .... CHINESE NEW YEAR .... 
I'm sure all the kids around the world who are celebrating this seasons surely cant wait any longer for the day to come.

'Yea! I was once like them when I'm young and what's the things that normally we'll be doing before Chinese New Year is gonna be Spring Cleaning which means clean up your house, your rooms & everything in your house and make it looks shinny and brand new.'

'Secondly, it's going to be the shopping mood! Yea, I love shopping and... *counting fingers* I think I just buy cloths on Chinese New Year... once a year this mean, hahahaha XD'

So, for this 'Ox' year.... I already spend almost RM500 on my shopping! Went to In-base but cant really get attracted by those clothing this year and I spend most of my salary at Padini Concept Store, maybe I'm getting older so don't really like those complicated design of clothing and prefer something more simple and nice.  But most of this kind of clothings are very costly... the lowest price also going to be like around RM89 so you can guess how much I've spend for this year >.<"

'Aihhhh.... forget bout the price and just enjoy with the shopping & never ever feel regrets bout what've you brought! so... who cares how much it's going to be... just get it following your 1st tout & ignore what others critic or comment bout your attire! Hahahaha! Ok... enough with the Chinese New Year preparation'

Today I was reading through a special friend blog posting and I feel the anger in her bout something with her relationship.... And from there, I get to know more bout her thinking and getting to understand her deeper.... Is a good thing to me but is not a good memories for her.

Feel so bad for not being there with her to comfort her and help her with this problems but I think she wont accept my help although I'm there... right? Just hope she'll be fine soon.

This is a beautiful world full with challenges and difficulty... If there's nothing to be challenge about then our life going to be a plain and full with boredom. So, don't let the unhappy things ruin your days.... enjoy this colorful world while we are still living. 

Lastly, wish everybody Happy Chinese New Year & Good Luck in this brand new year!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Malaysian Islamic party wants ban on 'sexy' Rihanna concert


"Malaysia's conservative Islamic party has called for R&B sensation Rihanna to be banned from performing here next month, saying her outfits are too sexy, a report said Wednesday.

The Pan-Malaysian Islamic party (PAS), which has mounted protests against the United States over its support of Israel, said that concertgoers would also contribute to an outflow of local currency to the United States.

"Whether Rihanna realises it or not, we know that the taxes she has paid also contributed to the war in Gaza," Kamaruzaman Mohamad, a PAS youth wing leader, told the Star daily.

Kamaruzaman said that the show planned for February 13, part of Rihanna's "Good Girl Gone Bad" tour, would be an insult to Asian values as she often performed suggestively and wore skimpy outfits.

The event was "akin to insulting Eastern culture, belittling local artistes, internationally causing losses to the country's economy and supporting Israel's war policy, which is supported by America," he said.

Kamaruzaman urged authorities who issue concert permits in Muslim-majority Malaysia to reject the organiser's application.

The concert's sponsor told the daily that Rihanna has agreed to follow local regulations for her performance but did not give details.

US singer Beyonce scrapped a planned concert in Malaysia last year due to fears of protests, while Gwen Stefani went ahead with a performance but was forced to cover up after complaints about her outfits.

PAS also mounted protests against Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne's concert last year after failing to have it banned, saying her performance would weaken the younger generation "morally and mentally." - source from MSN News | 1/21/2009

'Come on la... why don't just ban cigarattes? It's killing the earth and also human?'

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not A Good Start

It's a new beginning of a brand new year but things seems to be not that well.

Have been working almost 7 months now and I still don't feel enjoy with the job I'm working. What's wrong with me? I've been thinking bout what's actually I really want to do almost everyday before I went to bed.

I start to miss studying life now cause there's not much of presure and stress when studying. We only have to make sure our results in studies are good then that's all, not like after you work... you have to think of something more further. Since the day we start to work, we have to think of paying this and that then spending money every months and not saving much of the money we earned.

The year 2009, tout it'll be a great start but things just not like how we wish for.... the market are not stabil now... everyone scared of losing their jobs and you'll be hearing peoples saying that 'you are lucky to have a job now' but did they think of whether we are satisfied or enjoy the job that we had?? It's not easy to continue doing something that we don't like for a long period... just like me, have been working in an insurance company for more than half years but none of the day I'm really enjoy working... I have to wearing a 'mask' everyday I went to the office. 

Yeah! the salary is higher and weekends no need to work but am I happy and really enjoy the working enviroment? The answer is 'IM NOT!' 

Office jobs sounds to be a very good job for everyone but if you are really not into that kind of job better don't gave it a try... It would be better if you go for a job that you really wish to adapt in. Don't try to be like me... trying to not make my family worried bout me... I go for something that I don't like... after graduate from secondary schools, I've choosen IT but the things that I like is bout arts... but cant get to learn it. And now Im trying to get a job that I really like but end up working in an office... facing walls... the irritating boss, ewwww!!! Those double faces colleagues 

Hate the politics, argh!!!

Hope that after Chinese New Year I can get a better job no matter the salary is high or low... I'll leave my current company. Wish me luck

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

2008 is over and now it's the start of 2009!
Oh gosh! I'm getting old and yet I'm still not very successful... sigh!

I guess that everyone are cheering in the night club on 31st December 2008 to welcome the brand new year while for me 2008 isn't a good year to me... everything just not goes smoothly... Whatever I plan just not working... sigh! Really consider a bad years to me...

So for the brand new year, I hope that I can get to achieve what I've been trying out for the past few years. And  I wish that peoples do gave me a chance to try out things and jobs that I've never done before. If there's a chance, I'll really appreciate it and do my best... So if there's any modeling job that you think suitable for me do let me know ^^

For 2009, I got some task that I hope that I could achieve it in this year... Will try all my best to achieve it no matter how hard it's gonna be.

Actually I got no idea what to write for this post... Just feel want to update my blog so just trying to write a nice one but I think this post is sucks... hope you guys & girls wont mind, haha! So before I end this post, I wish to thanks everyone that I knew and thanks for being there when I need you. Lastly, thanks to YOU for coming into my life and paint my life! No matter it's something sad or something happy, I'll still appreciate everything... Thanks!