Friday, December 25, 2009

The Ending of 2009

I have been left my blog to death for months! Sorry bout that but now here I am!

Have been busy with lots of work for the past and I'm still busying with it till now and nothing much changes made for my life, argh!!! I need changes!!! Big changes!

Anyway, I've been searching for people's that got interest in being a model for my photographing work in order to improve myself and try more shooting skills! And here are two shot & design that I've done with a friend of mine, Alane Neo!

The 1st shot


Alane Neo, the new faces!

2nd shot


Introduction of her!

This was just part of the photo's I've done & there's still wedding days photo's pending for editing and design. Other than this work I've been busy with... I'm also busy with my wushu coaching on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday.

While for Saturday, self-learning for all wushu coach... so probably I only got Thursday and Sunday to rest. But most of the time I used the time for this two days to do my photographing editing and design. I need more time please!!!!!

By the way, It's Christmas now... so Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy your holidays and be with your loved one! Don't be like me... lonely Christmas!!