Thursday, January 21, 2010

My 1st post in 2010

Hmm... Feel like writing something out here but suddenly got no idea how to start... Hmm... Recently just feel so moody and confused... confusing with my life and future aim! Too worried bout the results of something I want to do.

Career, Family & Relationship is always the main problems I'm facing all this while but now the problem that I most concern about is my career... I need to be more tough and smart in choosing my future career! Last year was not a very good year for me in my career so in this tiger years... I need a big changes in my life... change my job and change my thinking!

Sigh... So many things running in my head now.... No mood to continue already... suddenly got too much of problems running into me... I've out of idea how to continue this post... Sorry guys!

It's really a bad bad night today!



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