Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Not All Bout The End

I was in the mood for the newly movie "2012" and feel so excited for it cause I was thinking it's gonna be all bout the end of our world but it's not all bout the end after all.


"2012", It's more to Love and Humanity among humans and that's really affected my thinking bout peoples that appeared around me and especially the one that mean alot to me and special for me. I even feel like crying in the cinema just now on some scene... not because of touching... its like I put myself in the same situation and feel the sadness then the tears is around my eyes... gosh! 1st time ever again since the last time i cried for a movie (back to the age of 11 yrs old of 12 yrs old)

It changed some of my thinking after watching, It had thought me to be more appreciate the special someone in my life and tell them (family, friends, girl friend & etc) that I love them although I don't really do that. But now... this movie, let me realize that I need to let the one I love know how much I love them and don't wait! Just speak out!

Other than that, it's also telling us to be more humanity... helping each others and we will live in harmony! And it's also show us bout the love in a family, how parents protect their child and gave them all the best... so kids, love your parents more!

Lastly, this is a meaningful movie for all!

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