Sunday, April 4, 2010

After A Long Busy Months

After left my blog in dead mode for so long, finally I got some free time to update a little bit bout what I've been busy with for the past few months.

For the 1st month I left my blog without updating, I was busying for a photoshooting outing organized bout bunch of freelance photographers in Malacca. It was a fun and great experience for this shooting event. It was about cars & babes, that was my 1st try in doing vehicles and ladies photo shooting.... it was fun and enjoyable, now.... let me share with you all some of my shoot!

The 1st design I've done.
Introducing Fanny with Toyota MRS!

The 2nd design I've done, Shynan with Nissan Fairlady 350Z.

This is what I'm doing for the 1st month I left my lovely blog.

Secondly, for the continuous months... I went to KL for some photographing meeting with my friends and checked out for camera's. Going to get a brand new DSLR very soon in this month but going to broke after get the camera T.T *wuwuwuwuwuuuuu!!*

And on the way back to Malacca, we stopped at Nilai, Seremban for dinner in Loon Sing Restaurant. In case you all don't know bout this restaurant... don't worry, I've taken down the photos of the restaurant and the foods I took there =P

Here you go, Loon Sing Restaurant!

After back to Malacca, I continue busying with my permanent job and it's sucks >.<>.<>Photobucket
The weather is not very good on the day itself. Cloudy and drizzling in the morning! This is the best I can get afterall ^^

And now.... this shots was long time ago when F.I.R came Malacca for their album promo tour and Im forgoten to edit and post it up. Now let me share another design with you all, enjoy!


And recently my cousin just get attracted in photographing too and we went for a night shooting session around Malacca area and here's The Eye of Malacca!

The design I've done for my shot of Ferris Wheel of Malacca.

And lastly, another event that I went for a shooting.... Jeanie Lee promo tour at Station One Melaka Raya, Malacca. She's a new local singer and her voice is so sweet, I bet some of you'll be falling into her voice after heard she sing live! And she's friendly too.... Glad to meet her and her crews!

Introducing Jeanie Lee! Support local singer for more great songs!

So this is all for today updates! Hope more will come soon ^^ Ciaoz!!!

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